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Breathe  Valve


Breathe Valve

Breather Valve used for safety equipment of crude oil, gasoline, kerosene, light diesel oil, aromatic hydrocarbons and other fixed roof tank,protected from damage when the overpressure or vacuum. The valve is equipped with a flame arrester.

Performance and characteristic:

The shell selects casting steel and aluminium alloy for use, it is good to able to bear corrosivity; The ripple hinders the fire layer and adopts the stainless steel material , it is of good performance , corrosion-resistant and of good performance to hinder the fire; Of simple structure, easy to overhaul, safe and convenient;


Use the security in order to breathe the valve, should hinder ripple fire layer pull down , wash clean , is it hinder fire layer pay each unblocked hole to guarantee regularly within 3-6 months, prevent stopping up, guarantee the security is used normally.

Check regularly it is flexible that it is angry to ventilate , defeated by the valve a movement, it is exposed to sealing the surface to damage leading the pole and valve one , if damage and should change immediately .

While checking and safeguarding reinstallating, should guarantee to each combine the surface and cooperate tightly in the valve , one goes up and down flexibly in the valve.

When the new valve is launched, the thing of taking precautions against earthquakes while removing the valve plates before installation, otherwise breathed the valve and would not work.

A grade pressing355Pa (36 mm. of water columns)
Shoulder and press295Pa (30 mm. of water columns)
B grade pressing980Pa (100 mm. of water columns)
Shoulder and press295Pa (30 mm. of water columns)
C grade pressing1765Pa (180 mm. of water columns)
Shoulder and press295Pa (30 mm. of water columns)
Valve body materialCarbon steel WCB , stainless steel 304 , 316 , aluminium alloy
Pressing the valve plate materialStainless steel 304 , 316 , aluminium alloy
Defeated by and pressed the valve a material304 , 316 , four Fluorine PTFEs of stainless steel
Environment temperature Degrees Centigrade-30~60
Operate pressure Pa-295~98000 -30mmH2O~+10000mmH2O