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PTFE Gasket


PTFE Gasket

PTFE ( polytetrafluorethylen ) – is fluoropolymer with excellent characteristics.

  • High continual temperature resistance until 250°C (for a short time 280°C), temperature degradation start at about 350°C
  • Good frost resistance until -200°C (PTFE foil are flexibility to -250°C)
  • PTFE material has high tensile strength, good flexibility including  minus temperature, at high wing loading is not to be crush. (Cold fluid polymer)
  • With its non-polar  structure is one of the best dielectric materials.
  • Excellent chemical resistance in al range of pH. It is stable in boiling nitric acid, aqua-regia, resistance to halogens, alkali and majority organic solvents. Not until temperature 200°C is attack melting alkaline metals, fluorine and fluorine hydrocarbons.
  • It is extreme resistance climatic conditions during 30 years.
  • Next its invaluable character with low friction coefficient, therefore it use for produce bearing.
  • It don’t stick with all plasticators and it has markedly anti-adhesive properties.
  • It don’t resistance high energetic radiation (depolymerize).

Type and diameter PTFE semi-products

extruded diameter from 3 to 200 mm, length 1000/2000 mm
molded diameter from 20 to 775 mm, length 300 mm

skived thickness from 0,5 to 5 mm
molded thickness from 5 to 150 mm
Size 1000*1000, 1200*1200 mm

extruded diameter from 10 to 150 mm, length 1000 mm
molded diameter from 25 to 1440 mm, length 300 mm

Physical Properties

Densityg / cm3


2,13 – ?2,18
Tensile strengthkg/cm2≥200
Impact strengthKg*cm/cm2≥13
Compressive strength (1% deformation)kg / cm2≥40
Coefficient of thermal conductivityKcal / m*h0,21
Volume resistivityOhm*cm≥1018

Surface resistivity

Dielectric strengthkV / mm≥60